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We have WIFI!
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I’m going to try to avoid going into the whole Vodafone debacle as I feel like I’ve become a bit of a broken record over the whole thing. However, I do want to share that today we finally got hooked up to WIFI and the last 1.5 hours of super fast internet surfing have been a dream! With six weeks of waiting finally over, I intend to clean up the apartment tomorrow and finally make a video of our new apartment in all of it’s (almost) finished glory. Consider this a quick Whatsapp from me to you, complete with dancing emoji.

Skinny Banana Curry Recipe
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Skinny Banana Curry with Courghetti

Now, please be gentle with me here guys because this is my first recipe post on Relokate. I had initially intended it to be the aforementioned Marmite & Cheddar Sausage Rolls I made over Christmas, but we haven’t been to the British shop for Marmite yet and so we have been sans sausage rolls for 3 odd weeks now. It’s a sad time for the Jordan’s… except when I make my new found favourite recipe, Skinny Banana Curry! I originally found this recipe on a few different websites and then used Food and Wine’s version for my first attempt, except even then I substituted ingredients (too lazy to go to the shop), so initially it was already a “spin off” of this. I’ve also been… Read more »

Relokate’s Guide To Renting In Germany
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I found myself dishing out information on renting in Germany at two totally different points last week and I decided it was about time that I passed our wisdom on to the masses. As some of you know, Dan and I moved into our apartment in the middle of December last year, but we spent at least four months prior to this on the ‘moving process’ and even up until this week we have been sorting things out still. This is partly due to everything being very new and different for us (renting in England is nothing like renting in Germany) and also because some of this process is just long. So allow me to help you out a little, future expat in Germany, as… Read more »