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5 Reasons I Want To Visit York This Summer

York has been a firm favourite on the ‘cities to visit now we are back in the UK’ list – that frankly needs a better name – since, well, we made the list earlier this year. This is a list I’m hoping to chip away at a little bit before we start uni in September, but we’ve got another week or so of chilling in Essex before we make any trips.

I’ll be honest, I’m drawn to York not only for the gorgeous medieval look of the city, but for the idea of eating a Yorkshire pudding in the county of Yorkshire. I can’t be the only one who thinks that the best of the best must be found in Yorkshire, right?

Yorkshire puddings aside, there’s literally a bucket load of reasons and more to visit York, so when Classic British Hotels got in touch with me and asked me to put together a post with the 5 reasons that I want to visit York this summer, it was a no brainer really. Now I just need to convince someone to take me and it’s all systems are go!

Gr8escape game

I’m all about escape games since I visited one in Budapest last year and I’m really into the idea Gr8escape’s detective game where you work as a member of the New York Police department. I feel like I’d get really carried away and think I were Olivia Benson or something, but I also think that would literally make my life in so many ways.

*inside joke for Law & Order SVU fans* “In the criminal justice system…”

The bloody tour of York

“York’s best historical tour with all the guts left in….” – I was pretty much sold on this tour from that sentence alone from their website. The idea of Mad Alice (the tour guide) taking me on a tour of all the major landmarks in York sounds like too good an opportunity to miss, especially with a few tales of blood and gore along the way. I’m a bit of a sicko really and I’ve got absolutely no shame in admitting it ;).

York’s Chocolate Story

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m never going to say no to anything when chocolate is mentioned. In fact, chocolate has been a deciding factor for me over more decisions that I’d care to admit. The idea of learning more about how a Terry’s Chocolate Orange or a Kitkat is made literally makes me weak at the knees, so York’s chocolate story is right up my street. Here’s hoping there’s freebies!

National Railway Museum

I’ll admit that this one is solely for Dan, as I’m pretty sure we’ll be visiting York together, and I’m not going to pretend I’m oozing with excitement over the idea of it because I’m not. However, relationships are all about sacrifice and I know full well that the National Railway Museum is Dan’s idea of heaven, which in turn makes me one very happy wife. I know, I’m too good to him really.

Yep, I married a guy who’s into trains.

Crumbs Cupcakery

As I’ve made pretty clear on this blog, cupcakes, cronuts, cookies and so on are all pretty high on my to-do list when visiting a new city because, well, sugary treats are just the perfect mid afternoon treat aren’t they? Crumbs Cupcakery has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trip Advisor and over 200 reviews, which is enough for me to cancel other things in my day to ensure I get in on this. Seriously guys, I want to go to York almost exclusively for one of these bad boys.

This post was sponsored by Classic British Hotels, however all words and opinions are my own.

Travel Contrasts: Blogger vs Non-blogger

One of the main contrasts for me so far in my travels, particularly as I have kept things mostly to Europe thus far, is the difference between how I go about things since I became a blogger. Before becoming a blogger, I had an entirely different outlook on what I was doing and although in some ways it was a lot more relaxed, it wasn’t necessarily better, as you’ll (in some cases – embarrassingly) see for yourself if you read on!


Non-blogger Kate – YES! Let’s go to Amsterdam and do all the illegal things and experience what that’s like, that sounds banging. I only want to go to the coolest cities where I can get by speaking English and I’m not going to anywhere that isn’t mainstream. PARIS. BERLIN. YES. Prague? Um, is it really safe over that side of Europe? And can I fly there direct?

Blogger Kate – So I read a random article about someone who went to Kraków and it looks so beautiful, they went and did all this cool shit and now I want to do all of that cool shit too! Maybe we could organise two days in Kraków and then take an overnight train to Budapest after that, or we could even stop off in Bratislava for a day or so? OMG, where else can we go?! I JUST WANT TO GO EVERYWHERE.


Non-blogger Kate – I don’t really care about any of this history stuff. It is not my thing, at all. Hey, is Rome in Italy?

Blogger Kate – *after 10 minutes of Dan explaining basic history things that I really should have paid attention to at school* Let’s go and check out the castle and then if we have time we should see if we can fit in a tour too. Wait, they have free beer on the tour? HISTORY IS THE BEST. Dan, keep all the leaflets and ticket stubs because I’m definitely going to share this on my blog and I need all the infos. *knows map of Europe like the back of her hand*


Non-blogger Kate – *takes 5 photos on her phone to upload to Facebook* *has barely any documented memories of the first year of travelling*

Blogger Kate – *has an external hard drive for all of her photos, most of which have never been on this blog or any form of social media* *takes 5 photos of the same thing before moving on*

The thing with being a blogger, is that I have been exposed to so much more culturally that it’s developed my passion for travelling in a way that I never expected. Some of my changes have come from wanting to share things on this blog that I would never have documented properly before, so it’s directly connected, but sometimes it’s more of an indirect change where I’m just more interested in the things I’m doing than I was before.

As much as people complain about bloggers acting like dickheads when they are spotted out in public, standing on chairs to get the perfect Instagram shot of their lunch (lol), I would much rather be a dickhead having an incredible experience than the person I was before. Wouldn’t you?

I’m joining the lovely Emma, Rebecca, Kelly and Zoe for this month’s travel link up. Go and get involved to share your travel contrasts post!

Five For Friday (31/07/2015)

Wow, is another week over already?! It’s so weird to think that in Frankfurt I was considering this interim period between there and London and thinking we would be bored, however it’s more like ‘where the hell did all the time go?!’ to be honest and I’m thinking the next 5 weeks are going to fly by.

Watch this space. I bet I’m complaining about how much August is dragging in about a week’s time ;).


I’ve had some lovely time with my Grandma this week and it’s so nice to think we’ll be a lot closer to her once we are living in London. She lives directly opposite a train station with direct lines to the centre of the city, which couldn’t be any more perfect really, and in the mean time I am enjoying spontaneous lunches and popping over for cups of tea whilst we are still in Essex. Not to mention that we got some lovely pictures of her last weekend, which is something she normally shies away from. She is beautiful <3.

Quiet time

I’ve had a lovely time with my family over the last 2 weeks, but it’s also been pretty full on because, well, I really haven’t been alone to be able to design, blog, e-mail, research bits and bobs and whatever else I usually manage to fill my working days with. I’m definitely feeling the effects of this as my e-mails pile up and my posting schedule has suffered, however now Dan and I are house sitting for my sister for the next 10 days and I feel it’s time for some much needed normality!

I’m actually really excited for this because my sister lives in a little village with plenty of running/walking trails, a corner shop for the essentials, and most importantly, IT’S QUIET and therefore perfect for some time just the two of us and to play catch up.

Big Ideas

This week I received my first set of university stationary and it’s all getting real, in the good kind of way. This has been causing me major excitement for weeks now and when I started speaking to Georgia at Katie Leamon, she offered to send me some bits to get my stationary collection kick started for September. YES PLEASE THANK YOU! Oh, and did I mention how gorgeous the sets are? You can’t see from the photo, but I received a whole pack of ‘Big Idea Pencils’ which have the definition of ‘idea’ printed on to them. I already feel so inspired!

The wedding

I know that I’ve already written a post about this earlier in the week and I mentioned it last week, but my sister’s wedding was just so lovely and is still a highlight for me! She’s off on her honeymoon now and Dan and I managed to steal a night with her and our new brother before they set off, of course we drank wine and discussed the wedding in as full length as possible ;). I can imagine she is going to be floating on cloud nine for quite some time and I can’t wait to see the professional pictures when she gets back. Be prepared guys, there’s a lot more to come and I’m not really sorry about it.

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