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Relokate’s Guide To Renting In Germany
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I found myself dishing out information on renting in Germany at two totally different points last week and I decided it was about time that I passed our wisdom on to the masses. As some of you know, Dan and I moved into our apartment in the middle of December last year, but we spent at least four months prior to this on the ‘moving process’ and even up until this week we have been sorting things out still. This is partly due to everything being very new and different for us (renting in England is nothing like renting in Germany) and also because some of this process is just long. So allow me to help you out a little, future expat in Germany, as… Read more »

14 Things I Miss About England
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things i miss about england

Sometimes it’s just fun and satisfying to make lists and sometimes, as an expat, it’s just nice to think about home. A few of these are points Dan and I were discussing last week, but some of them are so obscure that I hadn’t considered them until a while after. I’m sure I could think of many more serious things I miss about England, but it’s only Monday and thinking too hard so early in the week won’t do anyone any favours! 1. Anything from Greggs bakery. Particularly Chicken Bakes. 2. Understanding everything that’s going on because it’s all in English. 3. People being overly polite and respecting your equal politeness, instead of here where people just don’t understand our Britishisms. 4. Mashed potatoes. It’s… Read more »

Jumping on the ESL teacher bandwagon
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ESL Teacher

The last month has been one of the strangest in a long time. It’s been the first time since living abroad that I have felt bored with my life and admitting it now is no easier than admitting it a week or so ago. You see, this time of year is never a good time for anyone who runs their own business. Especially a business that doesn’t have a physical product at the end of it. Sure, a brand new website design is something you can see, admire and/or want, but it’s not the first thing on anybody’s Christmas list. It’s also not something you are rushing to buy in January when you are broke. I get it and I’ve been there myself. I learnt… Read more »