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PRAGUE: What’s in my travel bag?
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Prague: What's in my travel bag

Guys! I’m on my way to Prague today! How absolutely, positively, COMPLETELY (have I used enough words here?) exciting is that?! I, for one, can hardly contain myself. Seeing as I’m probably munching on cheddar and marmite sausage rolls right now, I’ve got a vlog for you today to show you what’s in my travel bag for the trip! If you’re looking to see the goods without watching the vid, scroll past it for pictures and the inside scoop on what I’m taking! Most of the clothes I’m taking here are quite old apart from… Read more »

My Bucket List for Our Weekend in Prague
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image credit GUYS! I’m off to Prague tomorrow! Oh my goodness, I am so excited. Given the aforementioned information, today’s post seemed pretty on point and it was also a nice excuse to spend some time this week researching what we’ll be getting up to on this glorious 4 day weekend ahead of us. Here’s what I’ve got on my bucket list for our weekend in Prague! I, for one, am interested to see how much of this we can manage to achieve! 1. Visit the Old Town Square and check out the Astronomical Clock…. Read more »

Cookies at Sugar Mama in Frankfurt
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Sugar Mama Frankfurt

I first visited Sugar Mama in Frankfurt not long after itĀ had opened. A friend and I were out in the city and had already got up and left two restaurants (without even ordering!) before we curiously wandered over the road to Sugar Mama. We’d both seen signs up during our first months living in Frankfurt that it would soon be opening as a cookie shop and we were pretty excited to find it had in fact now opened. We emerged two hours later with satisfied belliesĀ and I couldn’t wait to tell Dan about my new… Read more »