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Grey’s Anatomy, do you care at all about your international fans?
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grey's anatomy

*CONTAINS SPOILERS* (see what I did there Grey’s Anatomy?) Despite having a sore head from a little too much Jack Daniels last night, I woke up and followed my normal morning routine. This entails rolling over, demanding Dan make me a cup of tea with as few words as possible, reaching for my phone and perusing through my social media and e-mails. Normally I will check my Facebook last because I give the least fucks about it, so it’s often an after thought. To be honest, I mostly just use it to upload pictures for… Read more »

3 quick tips for your next adventure in Europe
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When planning an adventure in Europe, it can often be very time consuming just to organise flights, accommodation and get some sort of itinerary put together for your time there. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that additional research gets pushed to the side and forgotten about, only to rear it’s ugly head once you are already on your trip and have probably already made a few of these mistakes. Today, I want to share 3 quick tips for your next adventure in Europe that are guaranteed to make your travels more rewarding, easier and an unforgettable… Read more »

Some things that sucked about yesterday
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bad day

I had all of these big plans for posts this week, but I’ve woken up today after one of the shittest Mondays in a long time and I just want to rant about a few things. Don’t mind me! I left the flat for work to find my bike had a flat tyre. Which meant that instead of a 15 minute bike ride to work, I had to walk for 30 minutes and was subsequently late for work. As a side note, I’m pretty sure one of my neighbours is the culprit. Dan and I… Read more »