Daily Diaries #36

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Have you ever wondered if the universe is trying to tell you something? I definitely have this week.

A friend of mine has decided to run the Frankfurt Marathon in 2015 and she asked me to go for a run with her on Monday. We ended up running 10km which (considering I haven’t run properly in over a year) was probably a little much for me, but I don’t like to do things by halves. On Wednesday we met up to run again and she had pretty much convinced me to run the marathon with her. In my mind I was 90% sure I would be doing it.

We ran another 10km and the second we stopped I knew something was wrong. Actually, I kind of knew something was wrong before but I ignored it. Smart, right? The next thing I knew I was limping around everywhere and I am currently stuck in the horizontal position for the rest of this week. Trust me to go and get myself an injury just as I am about to sign up for a marathon. So what do you think, is the universe trying to tell me something here?

I have a small and completely pointless but personal win update regarding my avoidance of Halloween. It turns out that when people invite you to their Halloween parties and you reply with “I hate Halloween”, you pretty much have the ultimate excuse to pass on it. I wish I had done that years ago.

In other news, I’m pretty sure next week is the week in regards to my book. As in, next week I will be releasing my book! EXCITE. Any last minute tips?

Sorry this post isn’t fantastic. I haven’t left the house in over 24 hours because of my foot injury and I’m feeling a little stir crazy. Normal (and sane) Kate should be back next week!


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What To Pack: Paris

Je t’aime Paris.

No matter what day of the week, area of the city or person you run into, everyone is just chic. When I moved to Paris I remember feeling so completely clueless about how to dress myself in an attempt to fit in. Of course, I didn’t have to fit in, but there’s something about a Parisian woman with a fur coat that just makes you want to be her.

You should know that although Paris is on trend in regards to fashion, it’s best to play it safe with classic, fashionable items in your suitcase. When deciding what to pack for Paris, you should choose outfits that transition well from day to night and know that you can never go wrong with a black and white combo!

A statement necklace should help to pull your items together and don’t forget to wear thick tights if you go in the colder months!

what to pack for paris
1. High Waist Jeggings / 2. Casual Blazer / 3. Jumper / 4. Green Blouse / 5. Leggings / 6. Penny Boots / 7. Coat / 8. Flower Necklace / 9. Fleece Tights / 10. B&W Jumper / 11. Low Back Dress / 12. Slip Ons

I Hate Halloween


Seriously guys, I hate Halloween and whilst that makes me feel like the biggest Halloween style Scrooge ever, I’m not even sorry about it.

I’m not sure if I have ever liked Halloween. I don’t remember a time where dressing up and knocking on people’s front doors was appealing to me, nor the ‘excuse to wear a slutty outfit’ parties that come along once you hit your late teens.

As a child, I was left disappointed by the sweets provided on the few occasions I actually did trick-or-treat. Is it just me or did anyone else have neighbours who used to just find old crap they didn’t want, then hand it out to the neighbourhood kids? If it’s just me, I definitely drew the short straw there.

Once I hit my late teenage years, and I use late pretty loosely because I was an early developer, I was still a little chubby. This meant that wearing slutty outfits was just not an option for me. The one time I did go to a party like this, I went dressed as Wednesday Adams, only to find everyone else at the party in crop tops. Spoiler Alert: I was the only girl who did not get kissed that night.

Seriously now, I am not trying to create a pity party here. I don’t dislike Halloween because I had a few bad experiences with fashion faux pas and poor chocolate selections, I just don’t have any passion for the holiday whatsoever.

How can people even call it a holiday? It’s the same with Valentines Day… but let’s not go down that route today.

In England, we aren’t so big on Halloween that it’s unavoidable. I spent many blissfully happy years in England not celebrating Halloween and on a few occasions it passed me by without any recognition. Then I went travelling and met a bunch of Americans.

Jeez, you guys just LOVE Halloween don’t you?! Every year my American friends are here to remind me of this ridiculous “holiday” and how we should all get together, do shots, wear funny clothes and act like idiots.

It sounds like I’d have an incredible time. Except I know it’s Halloween. And I know it’s lame. I will happily act like a idiot with whomever should ask me, I’m pretty good at it, but I refuse to do it dressed up as a slutty cat. Sorry.

Now, I’m not saying if you celebrate Halloween this year that I am going to think any less of you, whatever floats your boat my friend, but I am saying that I will not be celebrating it with you. I will not be excited by your various pins related to candy treats and I will not be interested in your posts sharing “outfit inspiration”.

Can someone just wake me up when we all start raving about Christmas decorations and pies? I am so down for that.