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Dear Vodafone Germany…
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vodafone germany

The is an open letter to Vodafone Germany because they make me rage. After the awful experience we had with you a few months ago when it took you over two months to come and connect us to the internet, we had pretty much forgiven you. The internet service worked great, we didn’t receive any downtime and you didn’t cock anything up enough that we had to call you to complain, which is a good thing because you and I both know your customer service is atrocious. When we visited our local Vodafone store a few weeks ago, we were hoping to receive an honest answer about how we should transfer our service to our new address. It seemed like a fairly simple process, but… Read more »

A Few Things I’ve Learnt About Renting In Germany
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For the last two weeks (and probably the next two), my whole posting schedule has gone out the window. Everything I had planned to write about, research or do has pretty much fallen by the wayside because this whole getting our own apartment business has been ridiculous. As I am still in the midst of it all, I can’t promise this post will flow how I would like it to, but I partly need to get this off my chest and I think there’s something to be said for brutal honesty. I’ve been struggling to find an appropriate place in the post to share the “before” pictures of our apartment, so I’m just going to put them here and you can use them as visuals… Read more »

The Christmas Traditions of Germany
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Last year was the first year I truly embraced Christmas time in another culture. It was not my first Christmas as an expat, but it was my first with friends from another culture who celebrated things a little differently to what we do in England (and other English speaking countries). I was learning a lot and confused by even more, which meant that I didn’t have the time to absorb it all properly to share. This year I am a lot more prepared and can appreciate the traditions more, not to mention I know a lot more about them, so I decided to share some of the Christmas traditions of Germany. I think you’ll be surprised at how different some of their traditions are! Advent… Read more »