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Five For Friday (03/07/2015)

Flowers in Krakow | Relokate | Kate Jordan

Happy Friday friends! It’s time for another five for Friday post and today I’ve decided to mix it up by using my final point to share some of the things I’ve loved/loled at this week. It’s way too hot today for me to think of some clever and witty things to say here, so I urge you to please see the next point and then you will understand.

I’m literally melting

Weather in Frankfurt | Relokate | Kate Jordan
I’m currently sat in a towel after a cold shower, counting my lucky stars that I don’t have any teaching work today because that means I can hide out inside and avoid the scorching heat as much as possible. It’s already 28°C (82°F) in Frankfurt and according to Google, the weather is planning on going as high as 37°C (98°F) today. Apparently Germany isn’t dicking around when it comes to summer this year.

Selling our stuff

Dan and I decided a long time ago that we would be selling most of our belongings in Frankfurt when we leave. This is partly due to the fact that we are moving into furnished accommodation in London come September, but also because we have acquired a lot of crap in order to fill our apartment here. For the longest time we lived a minimalistic lifestyle, but we have been guilty of letting that slide in the last 6 months because our apartment here could accommodate for it. So now we are in the process of selling old laptops, the TV, kitchenware, cheap Ikea furniture and anything else that is not a necessity.

When we were taking photos of all of our crap at 11pm at night to list on Facebook selling groups and eBay, I was not happy. When stupid people on Facebook sales groups (sorry guys, but you know exactly the type I mean) were asking ridiculous questions and wasting my time, I was not happy. However, now that the extra money is rolling in from eBay sales, I’m happy.

Here’s a valuable piece of advice that I wish I had know sooner; you’ll find less morons on eBay.

Blogilates June Calendar

Blogilates June Calendar | Relokate | Kate Jordan
I officially completed my first Blogilates calendar this month, after completing the Blogilates Beginner’s Calendar 2.0 in April and sporadically doing the May calendar when I wasn’t travelling. It feels awesome to have completed another workout calendar by Cassey and most importantly, I am noticing some awesome changes to my shape. I’ll admit that I’ve not been watching what I am eating too much because we eat a pretty balanced diet at home anyway, and I am more interested in gaining muscle than actually losing any weight, but I’ve noticed some definition developing which is so motivational right now!

I’m hoping to complete July’s calendar too, although I may have a few disruptions with moving (guys, it’s less than two weeks now!) and my sister’s wedding, but some exercise is better than none, right?

Getting the chop…?

I have spent the last 3 years growing my hair in the hopes of having goddess-like hair, which so far hasn’t made an appearance and I’m thinking probably isn’t ever going to. My hair is currently half way down my back and all I do with it is wear it loose and natural, or shove it up in a bun because it’s pissing me off/making me too hot. As much as I don’t want a hairstyle that takes me hours to prepare in the morning, I’m thinking I could have something with a little more ‘umph’ to it.

I’m struggling because when I was heavier, shorter hair styles drew attention to my chubby cheeks and I hated it, however when I lost weight one of the first things to change was my face shape (it became thinner and more oval-like), so I’m wondering if I can pull off a long bob? Or am I crazy and just considering this because it’s so bloody hot right now?!

Around the web

Dolphin Dives onto Boat, Breaks Woman’s Ankles, Punches Another in the Face – I rarely read things that make me real life LOL, but this article did. I think the title says it all.

Michelle Obama Lifting Phone Ban On The White House Tours – I’m a bit late to the party on how awesome Michelle Obama is, but one of my students is basically obsessed with her (talks constantly about her book, uses her for every character description and just generally won’t shut up about her) and so I had a bit of an eye opener. She is, like, the perfect First Lady.

Guys Try Leggings For The First Time – I’ve watched this a few times now and I chuckle every time. I love the way one guy wiggles into the leggings because it’s SO accurate. We all know the ‘leggings wiggle’.

This Is Why I Unfollowed You On Instagram (And Why You Shouldn’t Care) A spot on post from Amber which felt very timely considering I had a blogger pulling some weird shit with me this week after I unfollowed them on Instagram. Guys, it’s just the internet.

How To Afford Being A Student In London – Brendan’s guide has answered so many of my questions about London and given us some truly invaluable tips for first year, particularly when we are so unsure of how things will actually be until we arrive.

So, how was your week?

From Adrenaline Junkie to Control Freak: My Travel Personality

My Travel Personality | Relokate | Kate Jordan

Yesterday I noticed everyone in blog world popping up with posts talking about their travel personality and I was like ‘wait, what is this? I want in!’ and then I realised and was like ‘of course, the July travel link up!’ and so here I am. Cool story, bro.

Back when I booked Dan and I one-way tickets to Amsterdam and handed in less than a month’s notice on our flat in Essex, I was definitely what one would describe as an impulsive traveller. I knew that if I didn’t book the tickets and just jump in head first that we almost certainly wouldn’t have gone through with our travel plans. Fortunately, due to our successes with travelling despite absolutely no thought or planning, that impulsiveness also rubbed off on Dan and I think we almost became adrenaline junkies for it!


The first year or so of us travelling was all about spontaneity. Even when we broke up and spent a few months apart (when I went to France, Dan went to Germany), I still did everything impulsively, including when I left France 3 months earlier than expected to join Dan in Germany and rekindle our relationship.

The second year, our first full year in Germany, saw us calming down a lot. Our jobs as au pairs were the most demanding we had ever had in terms of how much the families relied on us and therefore we didn’t have the option to up and leave when we felt like it, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have the urge!

Berlin Wall | Relokate | Kate Jordan

For anyone who has been reading my blog since the beginning, you will remember that we had plans to move to South Korea after we got married. However, it was around this time that we both slowed down on our impulsive natures and began to look at the bigger picture. This change in how we went about things resulted in us spending another year in Germany, which will be coming to an end in two weeks. Even our future move to London is something we have been planning for six months, which is so not like our former selves!

When it comes to our holidays, I would say that I still unleash my impulsive side for these trips. Very often I will just get an idea in my head about a city and make it my mission to get us there for a visit as soon as it’s feasibly possible. However, I will then obsessively plan as much as I can for the time leading up to the trip to ensure we have a decent budget set aside, good accommodation booked and will arrive to and from everywhere we need to on time. This is something I didn’t spend nearly enough time on during our first year of travelling and I have definitely been burnt once or twice from it.

Prague | Relokate | Kate Jordan

Despite all of my planning for practical things like our budget, I rarely put any thought into the actual agenda of our trips, which is very reminiscent of our former traveller selves. Dan and I may discuss one or two things that we both definitely want to do in a city, but for the most part we just wander around and go where the mood takes us. In fact, we go wherever the mood takes Dan, as I usually hand over all the reigns to him as soon as we step outside our front door with our suitcases. There’s something so rewarding about switching off and letting someone else lead you after days/weeks of obsessive planning!

When it comes to travelling with anyone other than Dan, I tend to adapt to the personality of the person I am with. It’s not that I’m controlling or anything Being the control freak that I am, the idea of someone other than Dan being in charge of the day’s agenda doesn’t always fill me with confidence. Fortunately, all of my friends who I have travelled with have been super laid back and happy for me to take the lead, or I’ve visited locals in the city (I often visit my best friend, Emily, this way, as she lives a similar lifestyle to Dan and I) and therefore can revert back to my relaxed and carefree state again. Basically, this lady just wants to relax and have a good time ;)!

Amsterdam | Relokate | Kate Jordan

This link up really got me thinking about what my travel personality says about me and more importantly, it made me realise how much I have changed over the three years since we left the UK to explore the ‘big bad world’. In a lot of ways, I couldn’t be more proud of how Dan and I have developed as people since that life changing decision in 2012, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t ever long for the carefree nature we used to live with.

I feel like my travel personality over the years has really reflected how my own personality has changed as I have grown up, and I feel so lucky to have grown up like this! Sorry for the cheesy ending guys, I’ve had too many cups of coffee this morning and I’m feeling nostalgic. Time to go and listen to some 90’s pop or something.

Thank you to Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and Catherine for hosting this month’s travel link up on “What’s your travel personality?”. Check out one of their blogs to enter your own post!

P.s. Sorry if some of these images are rotated when you are viewing this post on your tablet/phone. There was a glitch when uploading them and so far I haven’t been able to straighten it out.

Travel Budget For Two Days in Budapest

Travel Budget For Two Days In Budapest | Relokate | Kate Jordan

On my mini Euro trip in May, I found that my travel budget for two days in Budapest was the most accurate guideline I set myself out of the entire trip. I was overwhelmed by how cheap everything was there, as the currency (Hungarian Forint) is so different in terms of what units I am used to dealing with (350 HUF = 79p / $1.24 / €1.11), you often don’t realise it’s value until you’re there and spending it!

I have skipped out on including transport into my calculations below as this varies greatly depending on where you are travelling from. Personally, I travelled from Kraków to Budapest on an overnight train and therefore spent very little in comparison to someone who would fly from another country, especially if they are are based outside of Europe.

I’ve decided to show the costs (apart from accommodation) for this trip based on a budget option and an ‘I can afford to splash the cash a little because I’m on holiday and I’ll deal with the consequences later’ option. The latter is how I chose to spend my trip and I must say I wound up pretty satisfied with how much I spent overall, although that could have had something to do with unforeseen circumstances that meant I couldn’t frequent clubs in the evenings… who knows? 😉

Food & Drink

On my trip to Budapest, I found myself trying a really mixed bag of food in terms of prices and quality. For my first meal, I opted for a pretty overpriced restaurant in a tourist dense area and spent 5,000 HUF on a two course meal and drinks. It wasn’t until I had dinner that evening and spent 2,600 HUF in total, including a cocktail (more on that shortly!), that I realised prices can be drastically cheaper.

The following day I ate lunch at a ‘dive bar’ in the city and only spent 500 HUF which, as I’m sure you can imagine, totally blew my mind given the prices I had paid at restaurants the day before. Don’t get me wrong, all I got was two reheated slices of pizza, but they were good and most importantly, they satisfied me until dinner time.

How much you spend on food in Budapest is entirely down to the budget you decide to set for yourself. It’s very easy to spent 5,000 HUF on a meal at a conveniently located restaurant, but it’s also easy to hunt for a ‘dive bar’ and spend a fraction of the cost. So travel wisely!

As for drinks, this depends on what kind of experience you intend to have in the city. Cocktails start from around 1,200 HUF, whereas a beer can start from around 300 HUF, so what you choose to drink can strongly influence your budget. My advice is to stick to beer if you’re looking to make a night of it, especially as some of the larger clubs charge as much as 3,500 HUF as an entrance fee.

Total Cost = 7,000 HUF – 15,000 HUF

(£15.73 – £33.72 / $24.74 – $53.03 / €22.18 – €47.56)*

Public Transport

When I put together my budget plan for this trip, I worked out the costs for public transport based on purchasing a day ticket for 1 650 HUF on both days, which would have put me out 3,300 HUF. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

Fortunately, when I actually arrived in Budapest, I was so flustered from trying to navigate my way around the train station that I hastily purchased a single ticket for 350 HUF. After that, I reasoned with myself that even if I took another 3 journeys that day, I wouldn’t hit 1,650 HUF that would justify a day ticket and I found the same to be true the following day.

You would need to take public transport 5 times per day in order to make a saving with a daily ticket, something that I think can be avoided if you are like me and enjoy to walk once you find yourself in the city centre with a day of exploring ahead!

Total Cost = 1,000 HUF – 3,000 HUF

(£2.24 – £6.74 / $3.53 – $10.61 / €3.17 – €9.51)*


There is a lot to see and do in Budapest and although a lot of it (including some museums) is free, it’s also worth splurging on a few things that are considered ‘musts’ on your visit. In a nutshell, Budapest is a city that has something for everyone in terms of interests and budget.

Boat trips along the Danube, visits to the opera, thermal baths and escape games are just some of the many things to do in Budapest that will set you back a fair amount of HUF, but are well worth it for the overall experience. My advice for activities is to book as much as you can before your trip and that way you can shop around for the best deals.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this section, Budapest has a lot to see and do that is free, which means in the summer time you will find this trip even cheaper as most ‘must sees’ are outside. Personally, I recommend walking along the Danube and taking time to explore both Buda and Pest as individual areas.

Total Cost = 10,000 HUF – 15,000 HUF

(£22.48 – £33.72 / $35.35 – $53.02 / €31.70 – €47.55)*


Even though I spent two full days in Budapest, I organised it so that I was only spending one night there, which allowed me to save even more on my total trip budget and spend another full day in the city.

For more information on the apartment I stayed in check out my post on the apartment in Budapest. I didn’t choose the cheapest option available to me on Airbnb for this trip, so I think this is a good average price per night to base your budget on. It’s also worth nothing that if you are solo travelling, you may not find an apartment for this cheap per night as my costs were split between two people.

Total Cost = 11,350 HUF

(£25.52 / $40.11 / €36)*

Total Budget = 29,350 HUF – 44,350 HUF

(£65.99 – £99.72 / $103.75 – $156.88 / €93.10 – €140.69)*

* Prices and conversions accurate to July 2015

I hope this travel budget for two days in Budapest proves to be helpful for those of you looking to take a visit to this gorgeous city any time soon! As you can see, it’s great value for your money when it comes to travel within Europe and can be enjoyed all year around. Personally, I know that I’ll be back!