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20 Struggles of Expats Living in Germany
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I love Germany. I could not be happier we chose Germany to call our home base after a year of floating around Europe, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without it’s complications at times. I could probably find more to add to this list, but to reference point number twenty, I have a class starting shortly and I need to be at least ten minutes early for that! 1. Worrying you don’t pronounce ‘uBahn’ or ‘Deutsche’ correctly but not being able to avoid these words in your daily life. 2. Not being able to practice… Read more »

Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach English abroad?
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Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach abroad?

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive at Relokate, especially since I announced I had taken up some extra work as an ESL teacher, is ‘Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach English abroad?’ and it’s one of the first things you need to consider looking to teach abroad. Let me start out by saying that, yes, I do have a TEFL certificate (from i-to-i) and yes, it has helped me to secure work with 3 different language schools in Frankfurt. Is a TEFL certificate essential for the job? Yes and no…. Read more »

A childhood dream come true
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How to Quit Your Job and Travel The World

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World is not just a catchy title. It’s a promise. Herein contains all the information you need to tuck in your desk chair for the last time. If you dream about exploration and adventure, if your heart croons wanderlust, this guide is for you. Click here for more on the book and how to buy. I have never struggled so much to write a post as I am struggling to write today. You see, yesterday was the official release date of How To Quit Your Job and… Read more »