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Blog designing is something I’ve been into for years but as times have changed, so have blogs and although now it is less time consuming, it requires a lot more tools that just Photoshop and somewhere to code. In fact, you don’t need either of those things anymore if you don’t want to or know how to use them. I’ve compiled a list for you of the 5 top resources you need to start using now to make your blog designing that little bit more seamless and the best part is they are all free!

1. Design Seeds

Design Seeds is an awesome website for designers because it has thousands of colour palettes to choose from. Each palette has six colours that compliment each other beautifully and are inspired by different themes or images. Some of my favourite categories are Flora, Autumn and Nature. No matter your blog niche, writing style or personal colour preferences – you will find the perfect palette on Design Seeds!

2. Browserling

Have you ever coded an awesome layout and then had someone tell you it looks crappy in XYZ browser? No? Well it sucks. Browserling allows for cross-browser testing so all you have to do is type your URL in and it shows you how it looks in all available browsers. This way, you can spot an error BEFORE you share the blog design with the Interwebs and have someone tell you your design sucks for them. Winning.

3. Image Maps

If you already know how to Image Map, that’s awesome. If you don’t, let me tell you how and welcome you to the world of prettier designs! All you need to do is upload your image, create a shape around the part you want to link, enter the link and then move on to the next shape. Done. This can create lots of different links on one image without them overlapping – great for pretty navigational bars and social media icons.

4. Design Your Way

When browsing Google one day, I stumbled across an incredible page – Big fat collection of free resources for designers. I mean, the name alone sells it right? This page is full of textures, patterns, brushes, themes, fonts, social media icons, vectors, EVERYTHING you could possibly want. All for free to download right this very second. Happy browsing!

5. Pic Monkey

Maybe I’m a little late to the party with this one, as I believe Pic Monkey is pretty popular with bloggers. However, I really think it’s an important one to share because it shows that you do not need Photoshop to create pretty images for your blog. I’ve seen some amazing tutorials online for Pic Monkey on how to make navigational bars (with Image Maps!), advertising buttons, bio images and page headers. On their blog, Pic Monkey shared the Top Ten Tutorials for using their service to pretty much design your whole blog. Can’t ask for more than that can you?

Here’s hoping I’ve shared at least one tool with you today you didn’t know about – unless you are a total blog designing superstar and in that case, lets hear about your favourite design tools!
What tools do you use to design your blog? Sharing is caring!

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Hi Kate, I’m having a two (and a bit!) weeks off from blogging for the hols, starting tomorrow……so just wanted to say, I hope you have a great time catching up with your family and friends in the UK and Happy Christmas! : )


Aw thank you Louisa. I have had some time off too for the last 10 days and it’s been super nice and relaxing. Hope you had a nice time unwinding and a lovely Christmas.


Thanks for sharing some great tips! As a new blogger I think designing can feel so overwhelming at times and I never know where to start or look. I will definitely be referring back to this awesome list though for help in the future.


I really hope these help! Designing and coding is always super daunting at first, you get the hang of it the more you practice! :)


I want to thank you again for posting this – I had no idea image mapping was so easy! I just created and updated my blog design today thanks to this inspiration :)

Mary Belle

Woah thank you SO much for sharing this Kate! :) I have a friend who is just starting on her blog and she can totally use this! And so can I. Heheh. Happy Holidays! <3


Hey Kate, these are such great resources. I am especially intrigued by Browserling. Would definitely give it a go. Btw, I love DesignSeeds!
– Another favourite of mine for colour inspiration is The Day’s Color. You should check it out.
– Sometimes when I need a quick editing, I use Pixlr – a free alternative for Photoshop.
– For fonts, I’m using Google Fonts – there’s plenty of nice fonts you could use for your blog/website for free.
– To mix-match fonts, the Font Combinator is a such big help for me.
Well, those are some of my favourite tools.


Thanks so much for sharing these Yuni, I will check them out tomorrow!
I use Google Fonts too for most of my web fonts and for image based fonts :).

The Day’s Color sounds intriguing!


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